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Wholesale Food Supplier For Bakeries

Bakery products form a big part of our day to day lives. And if you have a bakery, then you need high-quality products on a regular basis to produce quality products.

Silver Line Gate FoodStuff Trading LLC can help you with that by acting as your wholesale food supplier.

The leading food supplier for bakeries

Silver Line specializes in dairy and related items, which are very important for a major chunk of bakery items as well. We deal with brands such as Lancy, Gardo, SLG, which are some of the best when it comes to dairy and related products. Along with dairy products, we provide bakery ingredients such as butter, whey powder, and vegetable shortening.

We all are aware of the diverse applications of butter in cakes and baking. Salted or unsalted, we have it all. Ingredients such as vegetable shortening are frequently used in making pastries, the highlight of any bakery shop. Besides baking, it can also be used for greasing the pans.

Whey powder on the other hand offers numerous advantages to the food products such as clean taste, added texture to the product, and of course, high protein. It is essentially a by-product of the cheese-making process and has a long shelf life. Though it is very common in most bakery items, it is also used as an emulsifier, to reduce fats, or as a replacement for eggs (the primary reason of high consumption of whey protein by regular gym enthusiasts )

We also supply cream fudge which is a widely used ingredient in desserts from popular companies such as Gardo.

The Silver Line Advantage

Silver Line is not only one of the leading wholesale food suppliers for bakeries but also specializes in personal branding as well. We can create and provide private label products for our beloved customers’ brand. So in case, you are someone who wants to create a space of your own by creating bakery products under your own brand, Silver Line can help you with that.

We can manufacture the products according to your own specific requirements. Not only do we provide the wholesale food items in customized packaging but can also create customized packages for your products. Our openness when it comes to pricing and marketing ensures that no doubt remains in your mind. We always strive for mutual benefit by building up a trustworthy relationship with our customers and suppliers