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Fat Filled Milk Powder

What is milk powder?

We all know what milk is. But what is milk powder?

Simply put, milk powder is just milk in solid form. Here, the liquid form of milk is removed using the process of evaporation which just leaves a dry substance behind. This is milk in its powder form.

There are various plus points of milk powder, the most important one being that it has a much longer shelf life as compared to your regular milk. Also, it is easier to store and use be it Due to these reasons, milk powder finds widespread application in the food and beverage industry. Be it fat filled milk powder or even full cream milk powder, milk powder is widely used everywhere.

Types of milk powder

The difference between the two varieties is that whole milk powder is manufactured by evaporating water from full cream milk, whereas skimmed milk powder is manufactured by evaporating water from milk whose cream has been skimmed off.

Milk Powder by Silver Line Gate Food Stuff Trading LLC

We at Silver Line, provide milk powder from some of the most popular brands such as Lando, Gardo, Silva, Sama, Al Sahem and SLG. These brands are highly popular among people living in the GCC, Africa, and South-East Asia.

We provide all kinds of milk powder, ranging from fat-filled milk powder to full cream milk powder, and can hence cater to a wide range of customers. Fat filled milk powders are enriched with vegetable fat before dehydration.

Our milk powder packaging is not only convenient enough to carry but also good enough to store the milk powder safely for a long period of time.

We also deal in milk powder sachets. The 20gm sachets from Gardo are convenient for single-time use. So you don’t really need to think how much milk powder to use, just tear a sachet or two and you are good to go.

Customer-centric approach

Not only can we provide milk powders in standard packaging but can also customize them as per your requirements. The milk powder can be delivered in a variety of compositions, origins, and packaging as per your requirements.

Also, in case you are someone involved in the manufacturing of milk powder, then we can do private branding for you! The products are manufactured according to the customer’s specific requirements and are of the finest quality. Having a private label on your milk powder packaging can not only help you market it better but also create a unique name with the help of your own private brand.